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TAP IT - refill your bottle ON THE GO!

Join us in reducing single-use plastic by refilling your reusable water bottle. At NAAL, we've personally visited and met with wonderful people at a variety of places — from public taps in parks to welcoming cafes and forward-thinking retail stores. Each location on our map is a place where we've received a warm welcome and willingness to fill our bottles. They are ready to help you stay hydrated and environmentally conscious - just ask for a free refill! Our constantly growing list includes these vetted spots, each committed to offering you a refill with a smile.

We're eager to discover more places where friendly faces are happy to refill your reusable bottle on the go. If you've found such a spot, please share it with us. Drop us a line, video, or picture on social media @naalnorge or send us an email at Every new location we add is a step towards making a greater impact on reducing plastic waste.

By choosing to refill, you’re not just quenching your thirst; you're also contributing to a cleaner planet. Keep your bottle handy and refill at spots across the world. Together, we can make a difference — one refill at a time.

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