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NAAL BLACK vegan edition glass water bottle

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NAAL black vegan edition is a glass water bottle with vegan leather sleeve, which are sourced from Vegea, a company at the forefront of producing sustainable and plant-based materials. Vegea’s unique vegan leather is crafted from plant fibers and natural resins, derived from grape skins, stalks, and seeds left over from the winemaking process. 

In a world increasingly aware of the need for sustainable choices, the Vegan Leather Sleeve stands as a symbol of conscientious consumption. It is not just cruelty-free but also environmentally sustainable, adding a layer of ethical integrity to an already remarkable product. When you opt for a NAAL bottle with a Vegea Vegan Leather Sleeve, you’re aligning yourself with a movement that seeks to balance aesthetic appeal with ecological responsibility.

Includes glass bottle, sleeve and cap

Volume: 350 ml

Height: 18 cm

Diameter: 6 cm

Bottle opening: 3.5 cm

Weight: 300 g

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass and can withstand large temperature changes.

It can safely be used for beverages like tea and coffee.

The bottle is recyclable and leak-proof.

The cap is made of polypropylene, stainless steel, and silicone.

You can choose between a sleeve made of traditional leather and vegan leather.

To maintain the quality and freshness of your drink, regular cleaning is recommended for the bottle.

Rinse the bottle with warm water and mild soap at least once a day.

When not in use, store the bottle without the cork to ensure thorough drying.

The bottle can also be cleaned in a dishwasher, but remember to remove the cap and sleeve beforehand.

If the sleeve requires cleaning, simply use a damp cloth.

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